Revitalization Of BC Place

When it came time to replace its 27-year-old air supported roof, Crown-owned BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) embarked on an ambitious project to build the world’s largest open-air retractable roof to extend the life of the building another 40 years.

PavCo called on Pace Group to work closely with management at PavCo and BC Place and provide a wide range of communications, public engagement, event management, media relations and government relations services on a nearly daily basis from 2008 to 2013.

Specific initiatives planned, coordinated and managed by Pace Group included:

  • A province-wide touring exhibit featuring a scale model of the new BC Place to let British Columbians and media see the new concept first-hand and ask questions.
  • Frequent construction site media tours led by then-PavCo Chairman David Podmore during the 18-month renovation period.
  • An opening night ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 30, 2011, featuring Premier Christy Clark, the BC lions, the Vancouver Whitecaps and a wide range of stakeholders that was broadcast live on radio and television.
  • A weekend-long open house in the spring of 2012, inviting the general public to tour the new BC Place for themselves, which attracted 15,000 people.
  • Ongoing Issues management support and media relations services in relation to issues such as overall cost of the project, isolated complaints about large video screens outside the facility, and the public process surrounding the proposed relocation of the nearby Paragon Casino to PavCo land.

Overall, Pace Group’s communications strategy emphasized transparency and keeping the public updated, earning BC Place widespread media coverage across the country and generating a sense of anticipation and excitement among the general public, and stage events to maximize profile.